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Residential Services

Yard Clean Up & Debris Removal
Yard Clean is a general tidying up of your yard. And most times it is a combination of different yard services.

A typical Yard Clean Up includes looking after one or more of the following areas of your home.

Whatever it is, there is a good chance that we can make your yard look nice again. A yard clean up that looks after all the neglected areas of your lawn will have strikingly pleasant results when all done ..!

We will be glad to pass by, look at the job at hand, and before doing any work we will confirm the estimate. If you have been accurate in considering all your area sizes, our estimate should be similar to the one you figured out.

The Lawn Areas

The lawn areas may be overgrown with tall grass, weeds or both. We will cut the grass and weeds down to a manageable height so that regular maintenance can be resumed. And we will take all the resulting debris away...!

The Flower Bed Areas

The flower beds may be overgrown with plants, weeds etc. The soil hasn't been cultivated and the flower beds may need edging.

We will do whatever the flower bed areas need to bring them back to looking brand new, maintained and manicured.

Please keep in mind that this is an involved service to look after severely neglected flower beds and is meant to be a one-time service, to bring the flower beds to a maintained condition.

The rate to service the flower beds after this initial clean up, if needed, would be significantly lower.

Call us today for a Free Estimate for all your yard clean up needs.

The Shrubs

The shrubs are overgrown and may need trimming. We will trim shrubs, reduce them, take the unhealthy shrubs out, etc.

Shrub Trimming

Junk, Garbage Around The Yard

We will pick up old barbeques, carpets, tires, old appliances, furniture, etc. We will load the unwanted items on our truck and take them away. We charge for this service by the volume the items take in the truck.

Yard Debris, Leaves, Pine Needles, Branches, Etc.

There may be fall leaves, pine needles, fallen branches, rotting fruit on the ground. We will rake, use our power blowers, to pile up and pick up leaves, pine needles, branches, etc. We will bag them and leave the bags by your home's side ready to take out on pick up day. Or we can leave the bags right at your front curb, for municipal pick up. We can take larger branches, logs, that can not be bagged, right to the local municipal dump.

Leaf Raking

The Trees

You may have trees that need to be reduced, pruned or cut down.
The rate to trim, prune, or dispose of trees range from $60.00 and up.
Do you need help figuring a rate to have things done? Let us know.
We will be glad to pass by and help you figure out a price to do the work for you...

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