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Lawn Care Services

Most lawns not only add to the beauty of their home, but they can also be the perfect harboring place for creepy-crawly pests to live. It won't take long before these pests get the urge to move into a more comfortable living space inside your home. In your home they can find food, water, warmth and protection from the outside elements.

At King of the Greens, our Pesticides can treat your lawn, trees and plants to keep the pests from populating in them, and we also spray a barrier around your home to keep them from crossing it and entering your home.

We can provide a proactive preventive approach toward insect and disease development. We can apply very specific products for specific problems and have minimal environmental impact. This is important because excessive use of broad-spectrum pesticides can alter the balance between good and bad insects in your lawn.

We use pesticides that only target certain pest insects and that have little to no effect on the good/beneficial insects. The fungicides we use to cure and prevent lawn disease are carefully selected for safety, quality, and effectiveness. We try to provide the best and least expensive option when treating lawn disease however this can often be the most costly applications we offer.

It's with great pleasure that I ask you for an opportunity to earn your business in commercial lawn maintenance. If we can answer any of your questions or If we can assist you in any way in determining your landscape & outdoor enhancement needs please let me know. You can reach us any time by calling 252-671-2817. Thank you again and Have a Blessed day!!!

We are proud to serve commercial and residential clients in New Bern N.C., Havelock N.C., Morehead City N.C., Swansboro N.C., Jacksonville N.C., Greenville N.C.

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