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Landscape Services

Hedges Shrub Trimming
Our Hedge and shrub trimming service is provided on a “per call” basis, and also as an ongoing seasonal service as you prefer.

On your preferred schedule, we will trim your hedge, pick up and bag the debris ( you must provide bags)., and leave the bags by the front sidewall of your property, for pick up or we can haul away for an additional fee.

We do Hedge shaping, such as significantly reducing the height or width of a hedge.

We do Hedge thinning and renewing, by dead wooding the hedge and clipping the hedge thicker and older branches.

We do hedge and shrub removal and disposal.

And we do hedge planting. We plant shrubs to create a hedge for aesthetics and functional purposes such as privacy separation hedge walls.

Please note:

You can create your own seasonal service schedule by finding your hedge length, height and the rate for the months you want your hedge to be trimmed.

Arriving at your place, before starting, we will measure and confirm the rate of work we will do for you.

Please note

  • Hedge trimming includes trimming approx. 3 to 10 inches from the hedge surface, including the soft new growth and branches to about 5/8 thick.

  • Hedge re-shaping rates apply for hedges that have been allowed to get severely out of shape where more than 10" has to be taken out and branches surpass 1" in diameter.

Hedge Re-Shaping

  • Hedge re-shaping rates include cutting a significant part of the hedge, cutting the thicker hedge trunk tips using chainsaws, etc.

  • The hedge re-shaping service also includes cutting a significant part of the hedge, such as reducing a hedge height in haft, etc.

After the work is done we take away all the resulting debris.

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