King of the Greens Landscaping & Outdoor Enhancements Group, LLC.

Royal Treatment

"Thank you so much King of the Greens for doing such a wonderful job on our landscaping project. We cannot believe how beautiful everything looks. We were very impressed with the quality of the work provided by your company. We have worked with several landscape companies in the past and have been disappointed with the results. We highly recommend King of the Greens. to anyone looking to do a large or small landscaping job."

Semper Fi,
Maj. and Mrs. David Felig

"We extend our warmest thanks to you Jamel and your company for the incredible work you have done at our home. We are so very pleased with the quality of the work and the professionalism that went along with it. It surely has been a pleasure working with you. Please come by every Saturday and Detail my Mercedes, you know the PC already."

Thanks Sincerely,

"Mr. Jamel, As we discussed this evening, I am more than pleased with the delivery and quality of services provided by your company King of the Greens Lawn & Landscaping today. You listened and honored my service requests knowing that I had unfavorable service experiences with past contracted landscapers. I am so delighted and your services exceeded my expectations.

Why? You and your employee took the debris as a result of your comprehensive landscaping and clean-up services rendered today and you remembered my name. The last two contractors left on average 10-20 bags of debris for my husband and me to put out for the sanitation department. Secondly, you adhered to the initial date of service delivery and spent the whole day at my house. You also clarified that I would not be billed for the extra hours spent servicing my house, but instead you would honor the terms of the agreed-upon contract fee. I really appreciate your business ethics and client sensitivity."

Mrs. Martha Lewis

"Hi Guys, Thank you for the beautiful fence that you built for us. I couldn't be happier with the end result, all the neighbors could not believe how great it looked when you guys finished. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family."

Ashley S.

"Mr. Carter, You made us feel comfortable and we knew you cared about us as people. The results were outstanding and the property looks beautiful."

God Bless you
Pat Gurnari

"The landscape work you did in our backyard was A+. Jamel if you ever need me, I wouldn't hesitate to give a recommendation any chance I have. I would also like to mention that Stephanie was so very helpful whenever I spoke with her. What an asset to have her on your staff. Thanks again!"

Keep up the Good Work,
Nicole, Pine Knoll Shores

"A value cannot be put on their concern for our satisfaction and the courtesy, hard work, and attention to detail that they gave us. I would recommend them to anyone who appreciates quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Thank you Mr. Carter, feel free to use any photos of my property on your site."

Mrs. Robin Schaffer

"Dear Jamel Carter~owner of King of the Greens

We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you and how pleased we are with the results of our project. We were so impressed by everyone who worked at our house: their professionalism, their responsiveness to our needs, and their friendly nature with our family (and other workmen). We are equally impressed by the quality of the workmanship: our landscapes (which, as you know, I was particularly fussy about) is beautiful, the plantings are perfect, and the lawn and walkways look great. Thank you for helping to transform our property into something that we are very proud of! We look forward to being lifetime customers."

Bob and Mimi K.

"Out of all the landscapers I could have chosen, I feel very lucky to have found Jamel and King of the Greens, On their first day on the job, our property wasn't much to look previous landscaper had left it in shambles and had a habit of leaving little gifts for me around the yard like empty coke bottles and cigarette butts. However, when I came home on that first day after hiring King of the Greens, I couldn't believe my eyes. These guys did in one day what my old landscaper could never achieve in three years... and to top it off, no little unwanted gifts! Jamel and his crews have been great to work with, too. These guys are true King of the Greens. I'm very happy with them... their work is guaranteed, and for over 2 years now, I've never had to remind them!"

Gerald Lynn

"Well what Can I say about King of the Greens...... Being a single woman can be quite a challenge when it comes to home maintenance. You just never know who you can trust. I took several estimates to replace the huge decks running across the back of my home. I not only was uncomfortable with the cost of each estimate, but also the pressure to change my plans and also with the general way in which I was treated. I knew Mr. Jamel was someone who I could work with almost immediately. There was no pressure, just good suggestions and alternatives. He respected my opinion and desires. And I felt safe when he and his crew were working on my home. I not only have two beautiful decks; but I have someone I know and trust for any home outdoor project."

Deborah Franks.

"We want to commend you and your company for the fantastic job you did on our deck. You were responsive to our requests and we relied on you to artistically produce the final project. It was exactly what we wanted and had envisioned it to be. Your design combined form and function to produce a work of art."

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
Brad & Diane

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