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Landscape Staging

Landscape Staging; what does it mean?

The concept of home staging is well known and proven, but it is time to look beyond the home and extend this essential tool to the first thing prospective buyers see…the landscape.

A colorful landscape will trigger in a buyer an initial feeling of joy and warmth; a tidy exterior will demonstrate the pride with which the home has been cared for, eliciting a trust in the maintenance history of the residence.

Set the stage for enthusiastic buyers before they even get out of the car, give the landscape a makeover to present a home in its best environment. Invite buyers to the front door and create memorable first impressions that make the home stand above the rest. This can all be achieved with landscape staging.

Why landscape staging is not optional:
  • Recent study concluded that every dollar spent on landscaping returns $1.35. Source: Journal of Environmental Horticulture
  • High-quality landscaping adds 5-11% to a home price.
  • 1/2 of all recent buyers considered landscaping very important in their home purchase decision.
  • Nearly 99% of all real estate appraisers agree that professional landscaping enhances the overall sales appeal of a home.

Design Landscape Staging Services:
  • Free consultation to assess property needs. (Can be held with home seller, real estate agent, or both.)
  • Schedule based on key dates. (listing date, open houses, etc.)

All services are customized to best fit the property and homeowner needs.

Landscape staging is a unique, minimum and cost-effective service. Exterior landscape staging is an investment that has proven to help realtors and individuals selling there home or business. When it comes to selling a home, the first impression is everything.The outside of the home is the first thing potential buyers see. A home buyer has to drive by the property and then cross over into the landscape in order to get inside the home.

Landscape staging has an extensive range, based on each client’s specific needs. King of the Greens offers services that range from basic clean-up, adding landscape enrichments, basic addition of garden elements, to design and installation.

We are also available for do-it-yourself Just looking for professional advice on what would make the home landscape more attractive.

Basic Landscape Staging
  • Manicured Lawn
  • Line Trimming
  • Hardscape Edging
  • Blowing
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Weeding
  • Re-Defining Beds and Borders
  • Planting of Flowers
  • Removal of Clutter
  • Demo and Clean-up
    • Planting of Focal Trees or Shrubs
    • Color Changes of Seasonal Annuals or Perennials
    • Accent Lighting Near Entryway for evening hours
    • Fresh Sod
    • Repair and Clear Pathways
  • Cleaning up the Overall Appearance

Other Staging Services
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • One Time Shrub Pruning
  • A Light Application of Decorative Mulch
  • Strategically Planting Seasonal Color
  • Power Washing the Foundation of the House, Walkways and Driveway

Consultation and Analysis

Meet-and-greet with the client. Discuss budget, timeline, and desired outcome and goals to sell property. We will do a general site analysis and discuss what features of the existing landscape need to be maximized and which ones need to be minimized.

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