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Lawn Fertilizer Programs
A large expanse of lush green lawn can be impressive all on its own but needs attention to detail to add curb appeal, thus giving a good first impression. King of the Greens thrives on the satisfaction of our lawn care customers. We are environmentally conscious about lawn care and strive to improve our surrounding landscapes. We take pride in our work and work hard at keeping our lawn care customers, community and staff happy. Professional lawn care requires much more than regular mowing. Complete lawn care services by King of the Greens include analysis of soil structure, lawn fortification and thickening, aeration, mulching, fertilization, pruning, weeding, pest control and cleanup.

Lawn Care Fertilizer Program

Round One - Starter Fertilizer - A heavy dose of our granular fertilizer. High in Nitrogen and Potassium to give your lawn everything it needs to get off to a quick and healthy start.

Round Two - Early Spring - A granular fertilizer accompanied by Pre-Emergence for the prevention of crabgrass and other summer annual weeds are also sprayed at this time. Now is the time to control crabgrass and broadleaf weeds! Early spring fertilization is key for a healthy, green lawn.

Round Three * - Spring - Our final spring fertilization with a reinforcement application of Pre-Emergence for continued control of Crabgrass. We also control broadleaf weeds as needed.

Round Four — Summer - A slow-release, organic fertilizer with iron helps lawns grow through damage and stay green through summer.

Round Five * - To reduce acidity levels in soil and create a healthier environment for turf.

Round Six - Early Fall - Heavy rate of slow-release fertilizer to help the lawn recover from rigors of summer - Also very good for new seed that is planted at this time of year. Weed and Insect Controls are applied at this time as needed.

Round Seven - Winterizing - Formulated to keep lawn healthy and green through cold winter months. Also extremely helpful for new seedling development. Winter annual weeds are sprayed as needed.

With the exception of round one, weed control is applied throughout the year as it is needed and control is guaranteed.
Core Aeration and overseeding are optional services.

We can't do it alone…

Even though we’re doing everything possible to build your lawn into a thick, green carpet, we still need your help. Proper mowing practices and watering often make the difference between an average lawn and a beautiful healthy one. Your Tailor-Made Lawn specialist will give you tips on proper lawn care with each treatment. Please take note of these suggestions —- they are important to the overall appearance of your lawn. If you have any questions about proper watering and mowing practices, call our office anytime 252-671-2817. We’re here to help you build the best lawn possible. Call King of the Greens today for a Free Estimate or Fill out our estimate request form.

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