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Lawn Care Services

Weed Control
Weeds in nay areas are notorious for infiltrating your home or business landscaping. Garden beds, plant beds, and your lawn itself can easily be overrun with weeds if the proper weeding precautions are not taken. Usually proper weeding requires steady and consistent weeding service in order to maintain the healthy and beautify of your property's plants.

Our Weeding Services:

  • Lawn Weeding
  • Plant Bed Weeding
  • Garden Weeding
  • Weeding Maintenance
  • Routine Weeding
  • Spray Weeding
  • Remove Weeds
  • Eliminate Weeds
  • Control Weeds
  • Home Weeding
  • Business Weeding
  • Hand Weeding

Proper weed control should not mean risking the life of your pets, kids, or existing vegetation. We ensure that whatever method we use for your weed control will be safe and friendly to your existing landscape and the loved ones who enjoy it. At King of the Greens, we are well-trained and skilled in proper Weeding techniques and have several methods for weeding your property and controlling weed growth in the future.

It's with great pleasure that I ask you for an opportunity to earn your business in commercial lawn maintenance. If we can answer any of your questions or If we can assist you in any way in determining your landscape & outdoor enhancement needs please let me know. You can reach us any time by calling 252-671-2817. Thank you again and Have a Blessed day!!!

We are proud to serve commercial and residential clients in New Bern N.C., Havelock N.C., Morehead City N.C., Swansboro N.C., Jacksonville N.C., Greenville N.C.

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