King of the Greens Landscaping & Outdoor Enhancements Group, LLC.

About Us

Mission Statement

King of the Greens Landscaping & Outdoor Enhancement mission is to serve our clients like Royalty. We assure our clients of the finest possible services and product, while bringing value to their property. Customer service is the number one priority of our team. We will always be here to answer the customers’ questions, and tend to their needs. At times, our schedule may be tight, we will give everyone the time necessary to assure an outstanding project. King of the Greens, LLC. greatest asset is our employees, from all the leaders, to the most basic of laborers, and their skills are sharpened each day, not only by the work experience they get, but also through continuing educational programs designed specifically for the green industry. We shall remain in constant change to meet the needs of our customers. Just as difficult jobs take time, we know that impossible jobs take a little longer. Having said that, we will always take great pride in knowing that there is nothing quite like a job well done and having provided our client with Royal Treatment Service.

We accomplish our mission through:

  • Our long-tenured workforce carefully chosen and continually trained in best practices for landscaping and customer care.
  • Our dedication to excellence in design, installation and maintenance of your property.
  • Our focus on creativity and expertise to understand your vision and turn it into reality for long-lasting beauty.
  • Our belief in Passion, Quality, Service and Professionalism that extends to our customers, our employees, and our community.

How We Work

King of the Greens, LLC. uses a four-phase process for all of our services. We have found that this process works well for projects of all sizes. Initial Consultation and Site Analysis We will visit your property, review your goals, make suggestions and get back to you with a detailed estimate of work.

  1. Create the Plan
    King of the Greens will gladly work with your designer or architect or create a plan for you. Once the project is approved we will finalize the details including scheduling.

  2. Installation
    We will arrive as scheduled to your property with all of the necessary materials and equipment. We will keep the work site as clean, safe and orderly as possible.

  3. Follow-up and Maintenance
    Once your project is completed, we will follow up with you to make sure you are completely satisfied. If your project is one that requires maintenance in the future, we can fully maintain all of our work.

Quality: Our representatives conduct pre-site evaluations and follow-up on progress right through completion — until you are completely satisfied. This means you will have the best results and fewer problems along the way. Our performance reflects our superior training and expertise — we do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our work.

Reliability: When your needs are urgent, there is no time to wait. King of the Greens, LLC. can respond quickly and efficiently to your needs. When problems occur, you need a fast, effective response to minimize damage and liabilities. Our experts are ready to help in a timely manner.

Safety: King of the Greens is fully insured and committed to job site safety; our crews attend weekly and monthly safety meetings. Our training and industry best safety programs mean few lost days because of injury.

Trust: We develop a relationship you can count on and trust. We listen to your needs. We take a proactive approach to communication. You can communicate with the owner through phone, e-mail or mobile phone. With our experienced workforce, we have the ability to bring your project in on time and within budget. Our approach saves money, and it keeps your landscape looking beautiful throughout the four seasons.

Professionalism: We are well known and respected in the industry by our customers and competitors. We have rock-solid partnerships with our suppliers; this gives us the advantage of top quality material and guaranteed delivery. All employees proudly wear King of the Greens uniforms and are friendly and courteous.

Cost: We will work with you to deliver cost-effective solutions to any landscape challenge. We promise, no up-charges and no surprises!

What Makes Us Different?

"Passion. Partnership. Promise"

While there's been a shift in the landscape over the years, we've remained steadfast in our approach to provide you with the highest quality landscape design and implementation in the business. Our differences are found in our bond of Passion, Partnership and Guaranteed Promise-

The Power of Passion

We love the outdoors and it shows through beautiful landscape design displayed across Craven County, Carteret County and the surrounding areas. We strive to be the best and continually learn and retool our approach. This includes making adjustments when projects change, keeping up with the latest developments and technologies, and sticking with the project until the property is transformed into the vision you had imagined.

Partnership through Shared Vision

We've found that the best results are a product of good relationships with our clients, which is why we prefer to partner with people who are committed to the shared vision. We stay in close communication with our customers from design through execution to make sure we stay on track. And we're always interested in feedback to improve our processes.

Guaranteed Promise that goes Above and Beyond

Let's face it, there are a lot of landscaping companies who promise one thing and deliver something else, here one day and gone the next. We realize the risk you take which is why we developed a guaranteed promise that goes above and beyond.

Our KG Guarantee

King of the Greens Landscaping & Outdoor Enhancement has distinguished ourselves as a top choice for clients through our Passion, Quality, Service and the Value we bring to our clients. We will always provide you with a written contract upfront clearly detailing the work we are going to do for you. During the project, should any changes need to be made, we will discuss them with you, and present them to you in writing, there will never be any questions. You will then have the opportunity to inspect the job with us, and accept the services as completed, or raise any concerns you have so they can be addressed immediately! Only once the project is complete will we initiate final billing and activate any warranties. We guarantee in writing that we will provide our clients with the highest quality materials and workmanship, every time, with every job, and we will not invoice you for any work until you are 100% satisfied!

Why Choose Us

Why You or Your business should Choose King of the Greens, LLC.

Our customers pick us because, simply put, we offer the best total value and service for your property investment and an affordable price—we are all about quality, service, passion and serving you like Royalty.

Our process:
King of the Greens, LCC is here to help you achieve success with your outdoor goals! Regardless of the project size, every project we approach is done systematically, thoughtfully and thoroughly. The interplay of function, design, quality and cost are evident in the systems we are able to provide. More than our time tested procedure, we focus on only one job at a time, and do not move on to the next project until you are satisfied and the job is complete.

No company…no process…is more dedicated to complete customer satisfaction than King of the Greens, LLC.

A King of the Greens, LLC. the associate will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your installation or maintenance needs. Our purpose is simple, we listen to what you want and what you need and we offer suggestions for the best ways to achieve that. We want to know your short term and long term goals. Do you need to redo the lawn?, What is the drainage like?, Do we need to create privacy with plantings or create a soothing area of retreat with a water feature? Once we understand your needs, we will make recommendations on how it can be accomplished. Our recommendations are to help you achieve your desires in the best possible way….all tailored to optimize the beauty, value and character of your property.

Budget is also critical to determine for any project, and we have flexibility in our offerings as well as several payment options. Our maintenance services cater to the budget-conscious as you can pick and choose from our services and create a custom plan that is just right for you.

For installations requiring a design, we can evaluate the design and make sure all of your desires fit within your budget, and explain how material choices affect costs, etc. We might also explore the various options for your project, depending on your budget.

A King of the Greens, LLC. representative will carefully measure and calculate your project and use this data to compile accurate and competitive pricing. A formal and detailed quote is then presented to you. At that point, we can fine-tune the details… discuss the quality and prices of certain materials…and put the finishing touches on your project or maintenance plan.

Once the quote is approved, we will coordinate a start date. At that point, we introduce the foreman and work crew to you and your property. For landscape installations, the grading, drainage and maintenance come first, then plantings, lawn, lighting and mulch. When it's time for the greenery, if you share our love of plants, you are welcome to accompany us to a local nursery to view and make selections. Either way, there is great satisfaction in knowing that your property will be treated as if it was our own.

There are great benefits to having a ONE-SOURCE service provider on your project.
There are no middle-men to hurdle. You have direct access to the Owner and the decision-makers. This helps ensure the original vision is fulfilled as it was planned. In effect, King of the Greens., LLC changes the landscaping process from one that can be stressful and frustrating into one that is carefree and exciting and rewarding.

Our best total value includes features such as:

  • Customizable maintenance packages tailored to your specific needs — you don't pay for services you don't need or want.
  • Design and Installation services provided by professionals who listen to you. Our expertise and experience combined with your imagination and our vision will produce an outdoor living space that will provide perennial satisfaction.

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