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Drainage Solutions
Over time, a small or moderate water issue may develop into a more severe drainage problem. For example, water pitching towards a home creates the likelihood for mold and applies hydrostatic pressure against foundation walls often causing the need for expensive foundation repairs. Additionally, during the winter months this water will freeze and expand adding damaging pressure to a home's foundation. Foundation walls are not designed to handle this pressure. This situation will often void any foundation warranty. During your free site analysis, our technicians can determine the severity of your problem and identify solutions in efforts to create a path of least resistance for water. In other words, we control water.

Whether the drainage issue is small or large, we usually correct the problem and restore your property in just one day!

Drainage System Installation

French Drains for Water Problems, Flooding & Erosion Control Creating proper yard drainage is one of the most important components of any landscaping installation project. Drainage system installation will prevent water and flood damage to both inside and outside property and will control erosion. A properly designed and installed drainage system will collect water from downspouts and gutters and pull it away from your house. Drainage systems can also collect excess ground water that sits and causes soggy yards or that runs off causing erosion. At King of the Greens, we have experience working with all types of drainage problems that commonly occur in Havelock, New Bern, Morehead City and the surrounding areas. We can develop and install the proper drainage system to manage any drainage problems. Our teams can incorporate the use of the EZ Flow Drainage System and properly designed retaining walls in order to manage any drainage problems or erosion control issues on both commercial and residential properties.

Surface Water Drainage Systems: Surface drainage systems are designed to pull excess water from hardscapes, planting beds, or any areas where water tends to collect and to provide a set path along which this water should flow. This can include the use of catch basins, which will then direct water to an underground drainage system.

Below Ground Drainage Systems: Below ground drains prevent erosion and prevent water from saturating plants or lawns. The underground drainage system most often used by King of the Greens is the EZ Flow system. This drainage system works as an underground French drain or trench drain to pull water from saturated yards and carry it out to a collection pit, drain line, or drain swale.

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